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VitalStatistics.us is the .us website for birth certificates and other public records including death certificates, marriage Licenses, passports and background checks. You can also search for current and historical census information.

The four primary documents which fall under vital records are birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees and marriage licenses. VitalStatistics.us also has information on adoption records, United States census information and United States passports.

Birth Certificates
A birth certificate is a government issued document which verifies the details of the live birth of a baby. In the United States, birth certificates are usually issued at the state or county government level.

Death Certificates
A death certificate is something which is issued by medical personnel to confirm the death of a person. Death certificates are typically required to make a life insurance insurance claim and for legal proceedings involving the decedents estate.

Divorce Decree
A divorce decree is an official document which summarizes the rights that both parties in the have on various issues such as alimony, assets and children. Divorce decrees can either be public or private documents depending on the laws of the jurisdiction of the divorce.

Marriage Licenses
A marriage licenses is a typically government issued document which legally binds the marriage of two people.

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Whether you are an employer, a parent, or just curious, VitalStatistics.us has all of the information you need from Alaska to Florida and Hawaii to Maine. And for visitors interested in genealogy remember we have years of historical information available at your fingertips.