What Are Vital Records?

Vital records are documents that contain information about the important events in a person’s life such as a birth, marriage or death.  Among the most common types of vital records are birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses. These records are important as they help to establish a person’s identity.  They also may be used for verification purposes when running background checks, processing insurance claims and at other times.

Why do you need vital records?

•  Employment.  Vital records may be required by some employers prior to finalizing a individual’s employment agreement.
•  Housing.  Some landlords will require one more more vital records prior to completing a rental agreement.
•  Background Checks.  Background checks have become part of the regular hiring process for many employers and vital records may be needed as part of a background check.
•  Financial.  As part of the process for securing some loans and other financial transactions, an individual may be required to provide select vital records.